In the old days, hospitals and doctors’ offices were brightly lit with bright fluorescent lighting throughout the facility. No consideration was given to the lights’ productivity or its effects on health professionals and patients. There have been incredible breakthroughs in every kind of lighting. Each situation is unique and requires creative lighting to get the job done.

The old fashion lights can cause a myriad of unseen health problems and don’t sufficiently light facilities in a way that helped medical professionals. CFL light bulbs contain mercury – a highly toxic metal that poses serious health risks, while LED lights contain no such toxic chemicals or metals. Studies performed by the United States Department of Energy and scientists from Carnegie Mellon both found that LED lights are as efficient to manufacture as CFL lights and LEDs will become even more effective in the future.

With a market that’s rewarding businesses for going green by offering incentives for energy-saving methods, LED lighting could benefit your medical facility in more ways than one!

LED lights give off a whiter light than traditional compact fluorescent bulbs- resulting in less strain on your eyes when trying to read or focus. This is such a great benefit to reduce the strain your eyes already undergo during a day of staring at a computer monitor, charts, and of course, patients. LED provides you with a clearer view of what you are looking at. Doctors and nurses must see their patients in true colors to help make the proper diagnosis. Compact Fluorescent bulbs cast objects in a yellow glow, and light that is focused in one direction.

Lights in a medical facility need to reflect the kind of procedures being done and to be flexible in brightness and hue. LED lighting can be manufactured in endless ways to help improve the care health facilities give their patients. Victory Lights can help you create the perfect lighting system for your practice. Contact our lighting experts today.

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