There are many unexpected ways to cut down expenses around your home and office, but is switching to LED lighting one of them? We certainly think so.

Not only are LED lights significantly more cost-effective than traditional CFLs, but they also improve productivity through better light quality, reducing eye strain and providing you with a more unobstructed view. Also, there are government incentives to reducing your environmental impact and carbon footprint. CFL light bulbs contain mercury – a highly toxic metal that poses serious health risks, while LED lights contain no such toxic chemicals or metals. Studies performed by the United States Department of Energy and scientists from Carnegie Mellon both found that LED lights are as efficient to manufacture as CFL lights and LEDs will become even more efficient in the future. With a market that’s rewarding businesses for going green by offering incentives for energy-saving methods, LED lighting could benefit your business in more ways than one!

While the upfront purchase price of an LED light bulb is higher than that of traditional CFLs, this cost pays for itself over the life of the LED bulb. According to one study done by the environmental website Eartheasy, an LED light would cost $95.95 to run for 50,000 hours while a CFL bulb would cost $159.75 to run for the same period and would have to be replaced about five times during the process. Recognizing these cost savings for your home and business could make a real dent in your bottom line.

If you are a homeowner or a business owner or facilities manager and you are looking to go green and save some green, that reaches out the LED lighting installers of choice serving the Nashville, Tennessee, Victory Lights!

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