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Commercial EV Chargers and Installations

As the demand for EV charging continues to grow, Victory Lights is a proud distributer of Autel EV Commercial chargers. The perfect solutions for any commercial application. Businesses evolve with the changing needs of their customer. With commercial charging, you can now appeal to a broader audience, provide simple solutions for every type of customer, and adapt to their needs effortlessly. 

Attract More Business

From shopping malls to hotels to supermarkets, all types of businesses are making the transition to meet EV customer needs. Making charging easy and convenient gives your customers the time and peace of mind to shop, stay, and feel secure that their vehicle is in good hands.

Show You Care

Customers want to know that your business cares not only about their charging needs, but also about the air we breathe. Providing Autel charging solutions is the perfect way to take action and contribute to a greener, more sustainable planet.


Rebates, grants, and incentives have sprouted up across the US to help reduce the cost of installing an EV charger. In fact, a rebate or incentive is currently available in two-thirds of the US. These incentives can come from a variety of sources. The most common sponsor is electric utilities, but funding is also available from municipalities, counties, regional programs, and states. Often, you can combine these programs for even more savings.

Commercial Installation

As an Autel partner, installation is a breeze. Offering comprehensive consultations and personalized assessments, we tailor our process around your specific needs and your unique environment.

Comprehensive Consultation

Our specialized partners will assess the power and location to fit your charging requirements.

A Trusted Partner

As a trusted distributor of Autel EV Commercial chargers, our experienced team will guide them through every step of the process.

Flexible Architecture

Our simple charging architecture is adaptable to meet your specific configuration needs.

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