The new decade is upon us, and things are changing fast. Lighting trends are no different. With new, energy-efficient LEDs, the entire lighting industry has gone through some radical changes in just the past few years. As LED lighting technology continues to mature and getter better and cheaper, we anticipate considerable differences in the design of the light fixtures themselves. So what can we expect in lightning? Here are some things to come:

Better Light Quality

Lighting options have gotten super efficient recently, but the new focus is expected to be the quality of light. Reduced flickering may reduce headaches and fatigue, so expect to see more of those. Technology exsists out there in LED grow lights that require full-spectrum lighting, so expect regular lights to continue with that trend.

Refined Retro & Industrial Styles

More elegant metals, varied tones, and unique designs. All based on the retro and industrial styles, but they look for the elegance of them, not the one that remains vastly.

Dark Skys

In an ever Eco-conscious world, we must now be heedful of light pollution and look for dark sky lighting.  Light pollution is light that goes up into the sky instead of towards the ground. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but in good outdoor lighting design, it can be avoided.

More Retro Bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs are no longer sold in stores. However, they were a trend for 2019 and will be in 2020 because the look is so cool.  Expect more retro and “flame” LEDs to be common.

Accent Lighting

We talk a lot about the dramatic drop in cost in LED lighting, but there is also a size drop as well. Fixtures have gotten smaller and are able to fit into tiny places. Neon LEDs are, becoming popular and hidden fixtures are now the norm and expect even more of them in 2020.  

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