With the coronavirus threat still very much a part of our lives and affecting everything our lives, we can’t help but think of ways to protect ourselves from the virus and keep ourselves and our families safe.

UV lights are used in hospitals and health clinics to sterilized equipment and exams and operating rooms. You would think a business or homeowner can do the same. In theory, it seems like it would be safer to use light to sterilize than messy, irritating chemicals. However, UV light is not safe and practical for everyday use in businesses and homes.

Human skin can be severely damaged by UV light and even cause extensive injury to softer parts of the human body, like our eyes. Hospitals and labs ensure there are no people around when UV light is used to clean rooms and equipment. To achieve maximum sterilization, the light needs to be extremely bright, and if any human being were in the room, it would cause permanent damage and could even cause blindness.

PPE and medical equipment can be sterilized with UV lights if safety precautions are practiced, such as wearing protective gear. Many companies are trying to capitalize on UV light products such as UV wands that claim to disinfect anything it hovers over. Long-lasting injury can occur if these devices are misused.

Sunlight can be an excellent PPE disinfectant. Experts suggest putting PPE gear such as masks in a glass jar for several hours at a time in the hot sun. Other surfaces can be wiped down with bleach, alcohol, and other household disinfectants.

Every day, we learn new ways to live in the age of Covid-19 and creative ways of staying healthy and safe. For now, the UV light as a sanitation method should be left to the experts.

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