As a business owner, there are three main factors to consider when upgrading your commercial lighting: 

-Light Quality
-Cost Effectiveness
-Environmental Concerns.

Upgrading from compact fluorescent light bulbs to LED lights for your office covers all three bases at once.

Light Quality – For starters, LED lighting gives off a whiter light than traditional bulbs, resulting in less strain to your eyes, and even enhancing your mood and your employees’ moods and productivity. LED lighting provides a clearer view of what you’re looking at, and makes everyone feel better!

Cost-Effectiveness – Ready to put a dent in your business’s bottom line? While the initial purchase of LED lighting is typically higher than that of traditional CFL’s, the lights pay for themselves over their lifetime. Example: an LED light would cost $99 to run for 50,000 hours while a CFL bulb would cost $160 to run for the same period AND needs to be replaced about five times during the process.

Environmental Concerns – Did you know the federal government (when it’s open lol) offers tax write-offs and incentives for businesses that lower their carbon footprint? Traditional CFL bulbs contain highly toxic mercury, while LED lighting contains no toxic chemicals or metals. With a market that’s rewarding you for going green, LED lighting benefits your business in more ways than one!

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