Solar power has become increasingly popular in the last decade.  A lot of people have decided to take that leap and stop using power companies to light up their home. Instead, solar panels are installed on your roof or in a large open area near your home, and the sun is now your power company. An utterly renewable energy source that can cut your energy bill in half. But what exactly does using solar panels do for the environment? The list goes on and on, but we’ll just name a few key benefits for your today!

It’s renewable! As stated before, your getting your energy from the sun so there is no chance of you running out of power after the panels soaked up all the sun during the daytime. This means no fossil fuels are being used and your carbon footprint will shrink!

A significant reduction in greenhouse gases. No fuels are being burnt to create any source of energy in the home.

The sun’s energy is 100% free, whereas big corporations charge ridiculous amounts of money so that people can live comfortably. This saves the consumer money in the long run. It’s not an environmental benefit, but it’s a considerable benefit nonetheless.

Solar energy reduces respiratory and other related health issues. There are little to no air pollutants when it comes to solar power, so this saves your lungs as opposed to using coal or natural gas.

All in all, solar energy is becoming more popular for an excellent reason. It’s an expensive up, but it’s well worth the money spent to save the planet, and yourself, from harmful things lurking in our light switches. It’s time to go green, one solar panel at a time!

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