Becoming a new homeowner is exciting. You get to have your own dream house to do whatever you want with. This is especially exciting for those homeowners who love a little DIY and don’t mind getting their hands dirty if they have to. It’s also a great idea to be prepared in your new home for any minor fixes. So what kind of tools should a new homeowner have on hand that can benefit their desire to DIY and also keeps everything in working order? Here you will find the answer in the top 3 tools every new home should have!

  1. A hammer. It’s a classic and straightforward tool, one end makes things go in, and the other can pull them out. It is especially important to have on hand in your new home. A hammer can be used to add flair to a room by just using it to nail spots to hang decor and art. It can also be used to fix some places maybe missed by previous repairs. A loose nail sticking out from a corner or an uneven picture that can be set by merely adjusting the position of the nail. 
  2. A screwdriver. Preferably one of those with interchangeable heads to go between a Phillips and flat head. This will come in handy when it comes to getting into those hard to open spots. A small screwdriver set would be a good idea to have around as well, making sure you have the right tools to open up even the smallest of screws. 
  3. Lastly, we have a tape measure. This gives new homeowners accuracy down to the centimeter and can help provide the right dimensions for new additions in the home. An even better option would be a tape measure with a level attached. That way you can make sure your projects are even before using any of the other-other tools listed here.

Of course, there are many other tools that it would be a good idea to have tucked away for a new homeowner. Whatever choice of tools you decide on, make sure to have these three essentials, and you’ll be prepared for almost anything! 

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