Nashville is a scenic country wonderland, especially during the summer. But boy, can it get hot! One of the first things most people want to do in the summertime is to escape the heat and crank up the a/c, but that can waste a lot of energy. There’s got to be a way to enjoy the summer days and nights here in Nashville and still conserve energy while being comfortable. We figure out the top 3 ways to save energy this summer while still enjoying all that your backyard of Tennessee has to offer. 

  1. Close the curtain on the sun! When the sun is peeking outside your window, closing the curtains or shutting the blinds can block out a lot of unwanted heat from entering your home. This also has a reverse advantage in the winter by opening the window during the sun’s peak hours to let in the warmth and then closing them to keep the heat inside. 
  2. Upgrade your thermostat! Get a programmable thermostat (preferably one with an Energy Star rating) that regulates the temperature in your home and doesn’t use excessive amounts of energy. It works all day and night; whether you’re home, asleep, or away for a couple of days. It’s even possible to get a smart thermostat that does all this as well as lets you control it from a remote location. 
  3. Shut off the lights! Take advantage of a summer breeze and natural light and shut off your interior lighting while opening windows and, if possible, a door opening to outside. Let your home soak up natural lightning, making artificial light unnecessary and saves you little bits of energy here and there. 

Get the most out of your summer in Nashville and enjoy what nature has to offer. Open a window, pour a glass of sweet tea, put on some music, and take in that warm summer breeze all while saving on your energy bill and saving the earth a little at a time. 


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