Tennessee has relied on power generated by burning coal for decades, but it seems like that’s finally going to be coming to an end in the not so distant future. Solar power hasn’t been ingrained into Tennessee yet, but the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) has big plans to change that in the next couple of decades.

Several proposals have been drafted in regards to the state’s source of energy and what impact it’s making on the environment and the earth as a whole. These proposals are pushing that by the year 2022, solar power in Tennessee will be working with a developed 200 megawatts of energy, which will also cut the use of burning coal and cutting back on the carbon footprint. The ultimate goal is to have a long-lasting, renewable, and natural source of energy be used and coal-burning becoming obsolete as it decreases significantly in the next couple of decades.

The main reason Tennessee is choosing now to make the proposed switch is simply that the sources to have solar power have become more affordable. At one time, solar paneling was merely a pipe dream for anyone with an average income, and only the very wealthy could have these panels on their homes. In 2019 it’s much different since we see the benefits of having solar-powered items in our lives and how much it cuts back on wasting energy and saving money in the long run (even if the initial price tag is a bit steep).

The steps that TVA is taking toward a reliance on solar power are big ones in changing how the state gets its energy. If all proposals go through as intended, this could also mean the end of any coal ash or nuclear waste left behind from other power sources. As states like Tennessee adapt to solar power, more may soon follow suit. The affordability and ease of obtaining the solar panels make a huge difference to many businesses and families across the great state of Tennessee. Keep our state bright with natural light; solar power is on its way!


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