If you own a business, you want the best curb appeal possible, day or night. When your business hours extend after dark, you want your customers to be able to navigate to the door and in the parking areas safely. There are more choices today for outdoor lighting than in the past.

You don’t have to rely on overpowering bright street lights to light your business at night. There are many choices when it comes to illuminating your storefront after the sunsets.

Many businesses are now utilizing LED lighting in many different ways. There are innovative ways to install lights on the ground for pathways and sidewalks. This lights up the areas where people need to see without impeding on their night vision. The sky is the limit with the color combinations and designs that can be created with LED lighting.

There are innovative changes to the way businesses are using street lamps and parking lot lights. In conventional fluorescent street lights, a considerable percentage of light is wasted and shined into the sky instead of the ground where it is needed. In dark sky lighting, the light is directed downward like putting a lampshade on a desk lamp. This design on top of sustainable LED lighting can save energy and prevent light pollution.

Our team at Victory Lights can help you design the perfect outdoor lighting for your business to help improve curb appeal, safety and save on energy cost. Contact our office today.

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