Nicole Stevens

Having and maintaining a business is incredibly awarding, and also requires a lot of hard work. During  all that hard work, business will increase, as will the chances you will need to expand. Expanding may include changes to your building, and the likelihood of adding new construction to your business is high. If you’ve never had experience constructing new work space, it’s difficult to figure out where to begin. Below you will find a few pieces of advice into a smooth transition to add on construction to your business.

  • First, decide if it would be more cost-effective to begin new construction or look for a new location. Typically the addition of new construction would be less costly.
  • Make sure your business is on solid ground. This has two meanings; first being to make sure construction wise that the ground you are adding on to is stable and will remain level with the rest of the building. The second meaning is to build according to your business’s stability. If you’re struggling, now is probably not the best time to add new construction to your plate.
  • Plan out a blueprint of new construction areas. Play with different ideas on various layouts of the construction plans. Will it all be one story? Are you adding another level to the building? What type of reinforcement will you need? Having several blueprints will also allow for a better way to calculate an estimate of costs and see which one comes out most cost-effective.
  • Contact a local certified and licensed contractor to begin the process of the new construction add-on. They will help provide with proper estimates of cost and get things squared away before building begins.

Beginning new construction onto your business can seem like a stressful task but taking it one step at a time helps make the right decisions for the expansion of your business.

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