For business owners, saving money is one of the critical factors in maintaining a profit business. Saving starts from the inside out, making sure office and retail space is used efficiently, and money isn’t wasted on utilities. A business owner with a retail shop needs to have adequate lighting all day and sometimes even at night, but burning so much energy has got to be costly. Not when you make the switch to LEDs!

Most retail shops typically have fluorescent lighting. It is a less expensive alternative to incandescent bulbs, as well as consuming much less power, but it is not the most pleasant lighting. Fluorescents also don’t react well to drastic changes in temperature; a cold snap could cause the lighting to flicker and hum loudly. LED lighting uses 20% less energy than a fluorescent light, and lasts much longer too. They’re not made with any  harmful chemicals like the ones found in fluorescent bulbs (mercury, noxious gasses). Even the bulbs themselves are typically shatterproof.

The initial installation cost of a LED lighting system can come with a sticker shock, but the benefits of switching over substantially exceed that of a minor one-time expense. They consume 95% less energy than an incandescent bulb, and still manage to save more energy than the fluorescents, as stated before. This adds up to your power bill, especially when in a commercial building where lighting may be used 24/7.

Make the most of your new year and your business and switch over to LEDs. A bright future for your business starts with a well-lit shop!


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