The benefits of having a well-lit parking lot or parking garage cannot be exaggerated. In business, the way all of our offices indoors are lit effects how our customers feel coming in, and the outdoor lighting will make or break a customer’s decision to visit our business after dark.

At Victory Lights, we have kept your customer’s needs in mind and are ready to provide you with an array of solutions to choose from when deciding on your parking lot lighting requirements.

Parking lot and parking garage lighting needs to make customers and employees feel safe after dark while saving your business the cost associated with added security.

And our services aren’t limited to just parking lot lighting! Hard to reach wall sconces, LED retrofits, and pole lights are also easy work for us!

We know your interest in your customers’ needs doesn’t end when they walk out your front door, which is why it’s important to go with Victory Lights. Let us ensure professional parking lot lighting installation, timely parking lot lighting repair or maintenance, and customer service that is a leader in the electricity industry.

If you’re seeking professional service from expert electricians who care about our customers’ safety, then Victory Lights is the right choice. Our bucket truck service goes above and beyond the industry standard to ensure even the most out of reach service calls are performed with everyone’s safety in mind.

Our bucket trucks (boom lifts or cherry pickers) reach high. Our technicians are trained to work on utility poles, parking garage lights and wiring, large industrial and commercial structures, and any other job that requires an added lift.

With our customers’ safety and our technicians in mind, our bucket trucks were designed to reach waist height. Hence, there is no risk of a fall and easily moved in dangerous weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Our bucket trucks have space to hold all of our equipment so that even in jobs that require going up high, we are always prepared.

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