Parking garages are a great way to maximize parking spaces, especially for large buildings or limited parking opportunities on the street. As a customer who uses a parking garage, you want it well lit for safety. As a parking garage owner, you want it well lit but in a way that doesn’t cost an absorbent amount of money. If you are still lighting your garage with old school lighting such as fluorescents or incandescents, you are already spending too much on your energy bill.

Parking garage lighting has come a long way over the decades. A place that used to be dark and scary can now be as bright as day. No longer can a criminal hide in the shadows waiting for his next victim because there are no shadows with LED lighting. The brightly lit parking garage and lack of shadows also improve visibility for both drivers and pedestrians.

When it comes to cost, LED lighting is decades ahead of halogen and Florence the lighting. These bulbs can burn longer and brighter than their traditional counterparts, which means it could be years before you need to change any bulbs in your garage. Many parking garages need to be lit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This could put a strain on your bank account if you are still using old lighting. LEDs are better for your wallet and the environment because they also emit harmful Infrared or UV rays, use less energy, and be recycled.

LED lighting is the lighting of the future. LEDs are used in many different applications and can be programmed to change colors, and are dimmable. These lights can withstand extreme environments and temperatures. This is very valuable when you need lights to run every moment of the year without fail.

Deciding to switch to LED parking lot lighting is simple. For many owners, the cost savings alone is enough to make the change. However, it is nice not to have to worry about which light is out today or that your garage is unsafe in any way. After keeping customers safe is the number one priority for all business owners.

Victory Lighting can help you quickly make the switch to LED lighting for your parking lot in Nashville, TN & Raleigh, NC; contact our team today to get started.

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