Between incentives offered by utility companies and government tax credits, commercial, industrial, medical and retail clients benefit greatly by switching to LED lights. Lighting is a primary consideration for all businesses. If your lighting is outdated, it costs you.

Why Use LED Lighting?

  • Lower Cost to Operate. LEDs use less power (watts) per unit of light generated (lumens). They offer the same amount of light for a fraction of the usage.
  • No Maintenance. LED lighting is almost maintenance free, and it stays that way for years.
  • LEDs have a longer lifetime. They last thousands of hours longer.
  • LEDs have less impact on the environment and our health. They emit less C02, have low infrared/ultraviolet radiation, are Restriction of Hazardous Materials compliant and do not contain mercury. They also don’t emit much heat, so they’re safer.
  • LEDs turn on instantly without delay. LED’s don’t flicker and are more durable.
  • LEDs offer greater cost savings. They use much less energy so the savings could be thousands of dollars a year. There are rebates and tax incentives offered for LED’s.

It’s a sharp business decision to switch to LED’s. Initial expenditures are offset by the numerous benefits and savings. Please contact Victory Lights today and start enjoying the benefits LED can provide you and your business!

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