by Nicole Stevens

Going green has become a top priority with most business, big and small, over the years. A successful business knows how to save money, and the best place to start is where the business happens! Green commercial buildings not only save money, but they also help keep our environment clean. But what exactly does that mean and how does it all work? Is it all just some environment-friendly buzz-words or do these green buildings serve a meaningful purpose in our communities? Let’s go over a few facts on green commercial buildings and see what adds up.

Let’s start off with some energy statistics; on average green buildings consume 25% less energy. That’s a 25% deduction off your electric bill already! Alongside energy consumption, green buildings use 11% less water and 19% less in maintenance costs (Green Building Facts, USGBC). On top of saving on energy bills every month, it cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions by a whopping 34%. Saving money and saving the planet come hand in hand in the construction commercial green buildings.

So what exactly makes those changes in consumption so different? There are varying methods but most popular would be solar or wind power. This eliminates the use of fossil fuels, immediately exterminating any  emissions from entering the atmosphere. Solar panels have come a long way in the past few years, becoming more affordable and accessible thus allowing more business to take advantage of solar power. Wind power works mostly the same as solar power and obtains the same outcome.

The best part about building green buildings? It can have all the glitz and glamour of a non-green building without having to cut back on anything but energy usage, at no extra cost to the consumer!  Unlike most “organic” or green items, a green building doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg to construct. It also has the same amount of build time, if not less in some cases, as a non-green building. In fact, the only difference between a non-green and green building is that one will wind up costing consumers more in the long run, money-wise and earth-wise. A business that makes an earth-conscious decision makes a smart decision every time. 


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