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Pros and Cons of Building Metal Buildings

metal building constructionThere have been many trends in home building lately, but one is starting to stand out more than the rest. As most know, building materials are probably the most crucial part of constructing any new building, and the trend lately has been using metal materials to build. Besides being a sturdy structure, building with metal has many more qualities. But it can also have some drawbacks too. If you're on the fence about how to build your next project, check out these pros and cons of building a metal building.


  • The endurance of a metal building is by far the best quality it has. Especially in Florida where severe weather takes places every summer. Metal buildings are made to survive in any weather, hurricane or snow.
  • Maintenance costs are low and easy to keep up with.
  • Spend less time building and more time living! A metal home can be constructed in as little as three weeks. Frames are pre-made, so they're a breeze to put together and complete a finished home.
  • Nice to the environment. The materials used for the metal houses can be easily made from recyclable material, including but not limited to one of the best insulation systems a home can offer.
  • Much more open floor plans. In metal buildings, there are no walls beside the exterior which allows for more ideas in creating rooms and areas within the building. This works excellent for buildings used as offices is something business related, not just for leisure.


  • Although the open floor plan gives plenty of room to create in, metal buildings are not the best option if you’re looking to build more stories onto the building. They stick more toward warehouse/barn style if you want a taller option, and can personalize to your liking in the interior.
  • Unfortunately there is no customizing your framework for a metal building. The steel frames are already made and can’t be constructed into new forms.
  • Metal buildings can withstand harsh weather, but there is a lingering threat of metal corrosion if exposed to more tropical climates. Though with the proper maintenance, this issue can be avoided and treated correctly.
  • The price tag on a metal building is a little steep, but compared to the lifeline of the steel materials versus a typical building material like wood, it is well worth the cost.

Metal buildings are a trend that will stay with the times. If you’re tired of traditional homes and buildings, and the pros outweigh the cons for a specific situation, then give metal buildings a try!


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See What Customers Have to Say About Victory Lights

The LED retro fit was a huge task, due to ceilings being 18' with a finished drywall ceiling.  Victory went to great efforts in finding the right lights resulting the least amount of remodel/tear out of old lights,while ensuring the accurate lighting needed for our jewelry showroom.  We are delighted to report that our year-to-date utility bill is down 23%.  Victory was wonderful to work with and the staff was amazing.  

Anfesa M., Anfesa's Jewelers

I have worked with Chad and his team for many years. His team always provide concise product information, allowing us to make informative decisions and our best options. The friendliness of the staff runs from the delivery person through the sales staff to Chad.  I have never felt pressure from the staff and they make you feel comfortable and confident with everything they provide.

William Y., Facilities Maintenance Manager, Kane Realty Corp. / Midtown Property Services

Victory Lights was instrumental in guiding us through the process of retrofitting the existing 20,000 sf Building with LED lighting to reduce our energy cost and maintenance cost.  This included working to ensure we received the best possible rebate available from Progress Energy.  Chad was extremely knowledgeable and patient through the entire process.

Wilson F., Treasurer, Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Victory Lights was the best choice we could have made for retro fitting with LED in the office building.  We received insightful consultation from their project leader, and are very appreciative of the high level of service they provided from start to finish.  The new lights that they helped us select are excellent quality, and look wonderful in the offices we lease.  We are excited about the beautiful, clean, and quiet light as well as the reduced energy/maintenance cost that we are experiencing.  It was a pleasure doing business with Victory Lights.

Lee N., Managing Partner, New Boy Properties

Since we have changed all our light bulbs in the common area of this 3 story, 169 apartment retirement community, we have not changed one single light bulb.

In the long haul, it saved us an enormous amount of money and time.

Art R., Executive Director, Independence Village of Olde Raleigh

Chad has been very helpful with our LED retrofit project. He and his staff have not only been informative but have made all our projects hassle free.

Marc M., Chief Building Engineer, Healthcare Trust of America

Raleigh, NC

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Wilmington, NC

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