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Are you the type to drive through a neighborhood and scoff at the sight of the same house over and over again? Do communities with the same visual design and assembly line styles make you want to scream for some originality? Do pre-made house plans bore you to tears? Well then maybe it’s time to break free from the cookie cutter homes and begin a new adventure, custom building your own home!

Having a new home is an exciting achievement in itself, but custom building your own home takes you to a whole new level. When it comes to designing your blueprints for your new home, you have to consider many things. Here you will find a few helpful tips when venturing into the world of customizing your new to-be-built home.

To start would be how many rooms will you need? This means every room, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, hallways, etc. Utilize your space wisely! Do you want a small craft room or should you make it into a personal bathroom with a large tub? Do you want to have small sets of stairs in small lifts throughout the home, or add a whole new story? Do you have an outdoor pool and would you want to create a small pool room? Or if it’s cold where you live, would you want to have a small closet space near the front door for jackets and coats? Don’t sell your space short, and don’t cram too much into one spot.

Outlets are important! Use thoughtful planning when placing outlets in your custom home. Make them easily accessible, yet out of harm’s way (i.e., near any water sources). Also, utilize the natural light that can come through your home with the installation of various windows throughout your home.

The installation of all the “hardware” of your new custom built home is just as important as the visuals and functionality of it. The HVAC system in your custom home should be paid particular attention to and installed according to the surroundings. If a unit is not the proper size, this could cause issues in the central air and heating of the home and cause other problems to surface if not addressed immediately.

And the most important tip of all is, do what you want! This is your home; it’s custom built to fit your needs and personality and functions the way you want it to. A custom built home gives you the freedom to express yourself and live in something you helped create from the ground up!

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Victory Lights was the best choice we could have made for retro fitting with LED in the office building.  We received insightful consultation from their project leader, and are very appreciative of the high level of service they provided from start to finish.  The new lights that they helped us select are excellent quality, and look wonderful in the offices we lease.  We are excited about the beautiful, clean, and quiet light as well as the reduced energy/maintenance cost that we are experiencing.  It was a pleasure doing business with Victory Lights.

Lee N., Managing Partner, New Boy Properties

Since we have changed all our light bulbs in the common area of this 3 story, 169 apartment retirement community, we have not changed one single light bulb.

In the long haul, it saved us an enormous amount of money and time.

Art R., Executive Director, Independence Village of Olde Raleigh

Chad has been very helpful with our LED retrofit project. He and his staff have not only been informative but have made all our projects hassle free.

Marc M., Chief Building Engineer, Healthcare Trust of America

The LED retro fit was a huge task, due to ceilings being 18' with a finished drywall ceiling.  Victory went to great efforts in finding the right lights resulting the least amount of remodel/tear out of old lights,while ensuring the accurate lighting needed for our jewelry showroom.  We are delighted to report that our year-to-date utility bill is down 23%.  Victory was wonderful to work with and the staff was amazing.  

Anfesa M., Anfesa's Jewelers

Victory Lights was instrumental in guiding us through the process of retrofitting the existing 20,000 sf Building with LED lighting to reduce our energy cost and maintenance cost.  This included working to ensure we received the best possible rebate available from Progress Energy.  Chad was extremely knowledgeable and patient through the entire process.

Wilson F., Treasurer, Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Victory Lights, Inc

Victory Lights, Inc. is a provider of LED lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, medical, retail and places of worship. Our corporate offices are located in Raleigh and Nashville; we offer LED products and turnkey solutions anywhere in the continental United States.

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