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Installation of ADA Compliant Lighting

ada complaint lightingThere are many different factors that the ADA affects. The ADA, known as the Americans with Disabilities Act, is set in place to make sure that people with disabilities are given equal access and proper accommodations are set in place. It can get precise with specific regulations to make sure spaces are safe for all walks of life, and lighting is no different. 

ADA regulations state that lighting fixtures must be no more than 4-inches from the wall and be mounted between 2-feet 4-inches to 6-feet 8-inches above the floor. Many fixtures now are being sold with ADA approval, and when paired with these specific guidelines, it gives the maximum amount of room for those with disabilities. This bit of information is highly crucial for the installation of lighting fixtures in public and commercial places. It allows any person(s) with or without disabilities to easily access essential parts of the building without coming into a roadblock of sorts. 

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3 Ways to Save Energy in a Hot Nashville Summer

nashville tennessee

Nashville is a scenic country wonderland, especially during the summer. But boy, can it get hot! One of the first things most people want to do in the summertime is to escape the heat and crank up the a/c, but that can waste a lot of energy. There's got to be a way to enjoy the summer days and nights here in Nashville and still conserve energy while being comfortable. We figure out the top 3 ways to save energy this summer while still enjoying all that your backyard of Tennessee has to offer. 

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3 Tools For Every New Homeowner

homeowner tooldsBecoming a new homeowner is exciting. You get to have your own dream house to do whatever you want with. This is especially exciting for those homeowners who love a little DIY and don't mind getting their hands dirty if they have to. It's also a great idea to be prepared in your new home for any minor fixes. So what kind of tools should a new homeowner have on hand that can benefit their desire to DIY and also keeps everything in working order? Here you will find the answer in the top 3 tools every new home should have!

Of course, there are many other tools that it would be a good idea to have tucked away for a new homeowner. Whatever choice of tools you decide on, make sure to have these three essentials, and you'll be prepared for almost anything! 

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Environmental Benefits of Solar.

Solar power has become increasingly popular in the last decade. Environmental benefits of solar. A lot of people have decided to take that leap and stop using power companies to light up their home. Instead, solar panels are installed on your roof or in a large open area near your home, and the sun is now your power company. An utterly renewable energy source that can cut your energy bill in half. But what exactly does using solar panels do for the environment? The list goes on and on, but we'll just name a few key benefits for your today!

It's renewable! As stated before, your getting your energy from the sun so there is no chance of you running out of power after the panels soaked up all the sun during the daytime. This means no fossil fuels are being used and your carbon footprint will shrink!

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