Church LED Lighting Solutions

Church LED Lighting Solutions

Regardless of the size of your Church’s building, strategic lighting is crucial to the execution of a successful worship service. Church LED lighting presents many unique challenges and the experts at Victory Lights are prepared to meet each one. Vaulted ceiling heights come with unique architectural features and complex control systems. Victory Lights has tried and true solutions that offer churches the opportunity to upgrade to LED light bulbs quickly and at a minimal cost.

LED light technology is riding a huge wave of popularity and marketing that will not be stopped, and for good reason. Their compact, power-saving capability offers your Church way more “bang for your buck” and solves a wide variety of problems. It won’t be too long before everything with a light source is powered by LED.

All of Victory Lights’ new church lighting models are available in LED . These will increase your Church’s sanctuary lighting capacity by up to 500% and help you realize a significant cost saving on your electric bill. Our LED Church lighting also requires a lot less maintenance than that of traditional bulbs. Our LED bulb lifespan is an average of 10 years. All of our models are dimmable and various LED Church lighting packages are available, complete with dimmable LED modules. Your congregation will enjoy less heat from your LED lighting, while you use less wattage and require less maintenance. Victory Lights also offer LED Recessed Can lighting.

Victory’s LED Church Lighting solutions include LED ellipsoidal fixtures for front lighting, LED PAR fixtures for top or back lighting, LED stage lighting for background or set lighting, stage lighting control technology and more

Call Victory Lights and one of our lighting specialist will come to your church, and do a walk-through. From there we will give you solutions that will best suit your needs for your facilities. Call us today at (919) 264-2134 or use our online request form.



Below are a few indiviudal case studies involving Commercial LED Lighting Projects completed by Victory Lights. Click to download the PDF.

Wilson Mills Baptist Church - Smithfield, NC