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New Innovations in Green Building Construction

Going green has become more than a trend, it's slowly becoming a way of life for many people. If you're in the market to start building a new home and want to go about it the most environmentally friendly way possible, then you'll find some useful information here. There are innovations in green building construction every day; here you will find 5 top tips to make sure you're getting the most of an energy efficient home. 

  1. Let's start with the building blocks of the home; the wood used to create it all! One of the best options out there nowadays is a type of lumber called "Accoya Acetylated Wood." This is a type of pine that goes through a process called acetylation which uses a combination of heat, pressure, and a strong vinegar to alter the hydroxyls in the pine into stable acetyl groups. Those hydroxyls are the reason wood can swell or shrink over time or due to extreme weather. The Accoya Acetylated Wood is much more resistant and can take a pretty severe beating and withhold it's structure, whereas a natural piece of lumber with naturally occurring hydroxyls can not. 
  2. Now, what about the roof? Well with green building construction, you can turn your roof into a home for solar panels, or turn it into a beautiful garden. Commonly known as "Green roofs," this style of roofing lets the consumer go outside the box with standard home planning and bring literal life into the structure. This is a popular option for city living if allowed, as it brings that unique pop of green into an ordinarily grey area. 
  3. Speaking of solar panels in the last tip, this is an essential and highly recommended tip in going green for your home. Solar panels give the consumer a renewable source of energy and also keeps the utility bills at all time lows. Though the initial cost of solar panel installs can be quite high, there are constant innovations beings made on how these panels are installed. There are also companies working on interchangeable solar paneling, meaning that if and when you decide to move, you can take your solar panels with you and continue to be green. 
  4. Let's shed some light on the subject of green home lighting! Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) provide a big punch in a tiny package. A light that can last up to twenty years, instantly turn on (no creepy flickering in the middle of the night here!), and never overheat, it's a wonder why everyone doesn't use LEDs already! These types of lights can also run solely on batteries, and even when plugged in use up minimal amounts of power. 
  5. Last but not least, you're going to want to take a shower and wash dishes at some point in your home (let's hope you don't wait too long), but imagine all that water you've wasted in the past. Well, high water bills will be a thing of the past once you begin recycling and filtering your water! Installing a rainwater collection system can do just that for you. Just like with solar paneling, this is a renewable source of energy as well since whenever it rains, that water is collected and filtered correctly, even the potable water. 

Going green can be a fun project and a crucial one as well. Learning about all the ways to help preserve the Earth brings us one step closer to saving it. If you're considering construction on a new home, go green and go farther! 

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